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Mobile phones, once considered a luxury, are a need in today’s time. About 49 million people in the UK use mobile phones, but a large number of users change their devices every few months due to there being new technology on the market.

These old phones often end up in scrap for being useless or too old, but even this scrap has some value as we at AWA Refiners offer scrap mobile phones recycling.

It does not matter how old or poorly damaged mobile phones are, almost all of them contain precious metals that are of huge value, but can only be extracted by experts.

Mobile phones contain not just gold but other precious metals as well including silver, palladium, platinum, tin, zinc and copper. However, the amount found in each phone is very low, which is why we only accept scrap mobile phones in bulk.

The exact amount of precious metals found in any phone differs from model to model. When you pick us for scrap mobile phones recycling in the UK, we’ll explain the procedure to you and take you into full confidence.

Our scrap mobile phones recycling process is straightforward:

  • Give us a call us at 01279-423-743, or email to request a pickup or to send scrap mobile phones to our address.
  • Once we receive the phones, our experts will use the latest machines to examine all the devices for the presence of precious metals.
  • Once evaluated, and we have your agreement to proceed, we will make the payment and our team will start with the extraction.

Our experts will take out all parts that contain any precious metal while also putting aside parts that are still useable. We’ll then dispose off remaining parts while taking care of all legal procedures as we are a professional company and support the environment.

If you have scrap mobile phones lying around then do not hesitate and call 01279-423-743, or email today to get in touch with us.

Located in Essex, we are among the best scrap mobile phones recycling firms in the UK.

Some of the qualities that make us standout include:

  • Fast Evaluation and Report
  • Market Competitive Rates
  • Experienced and Friendly Team
  • Environmental Friendly Procedures

We accept all phone qualities. If you have useless phones lying around then waste no time.

Call 01279-423-743, or email today to speak to an agent.