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Scrap Shredded / Un-shredded Hard Drives

A hard drive is one of the most important components of a computer. Every computer from a desktop to a laptop contains hard drives that can be worth a lot even if they do not operate anymore.

Hard drive drives get damaged due to physical forces or viruses, and when that happens many of us just throw them away without knowing how precious they actually are.

All hard drives contain precious metals such as platinum, silver and gold. While they contain gold in very little amount, you can extract platinum and silver from them, which also values a lot on the market.

For most people, hard drives become useless when they cannot store anymore data or contain viruses. If you have such scrap hard drives lying around, you should waste no time and get in touch with AWA Refiners to trade your shredded/un-shredded hard drives for a good amount of money.

We at AWA Refiners offer professional hard drives recycling services. You do not have to worry even if there is confidential data on the drives, as all material is shredded and a certificate of destruction offered on request - No-use.

Our process is simple:

  • You get in touch with us to request pickup or send us scrap shredded/un-shredded hard drives.
  • Our experts will carefully examine all the hard drives for the presence of precious metals. We’ll then prepare an evaluation report based on our findings.
  • Once you check the report and give us your acceptance, we’ll make the payment and start with the recycling process

We work for the environment and dispose off all materials in a legal manner. Situated in Essex, our company, AWA Refiners, is registered and has been providing services for over 27 years.

We are among some of the best hard drives recycling companies in the UK because of our great qualities that include:

  • Fast Evaluation and Report
  • Experienced and Friendly Team
  • Quick Payment
  • Environmental Friendly Procedures
  • Market Competitive Rates

If you have old drives lying around, get in touch with us today to make a good deal.

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