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Scrap Gold Pins

Gold plated pins contain gold which is very precious. While each plate contains very little amount of gold, you can collect a good amount of gold if you have a good weight and amount of gold pins.

All CPUs and many other electronic items contain gold pins. They are used in electronic items due to gold being a good conductor of electricity, and highly resistant to corrosion as well.

Gold pins are available in different sizes, and the amount of gold each pin contains depends largely on how big or small it is, and where it is from.

We at AWA Refiners offer gold pins recycling and accept gold pins of all sizes and qualities. We use advanced methods to extract gold out of pins, which is why we are also among the highest paying companies in the UK.

Our gold pins recycling process is quite simple:

  • You can send the parcel to our Essex address or request a pick-up if you are based in the UK.
  • Once we receive the pins, they will be melted and assayed to obtain the gold content.
  • We will wait for your approval and then make the payment.
  • The extraction process will begin at our in-house facility. The whole process will be explained to you and finished in a quick manner.

We take great pride in our services and work to keep the environment green. We follow all legal procedures and dispose of waste in a safe manner.

We are one of the few companies offering gold pins recycling in the UK. It is a tough job given the small size of pins, but we have all the means to get the job done.

This is what makes us a pioneer in the recycling field. Moreover, our defining features include:

  • Quick Evaluation and Detailed Report
  • Friendly and Experienced Team
  • Fast and Easy Payment
  • Environmental Friendly Procedures
  • Market Competitive Rates

We accept gold pins only in bulk. Feel free to get in touch with us today to start the process. Call 01279-423-743, or email michelle@awarefiners.com