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AWA Refiners Gaming PCBs Recycling

Gamers are everywhere. In fact, the UK’s gaming market is worth 3.6 billion, making it the sixth largest market in the world.

However, it is common for these consoles to stop working after a few years, and in some cases one has to replace parts or opt for an upgrade due to there being new and improved machines on the market.

In some cases, you might be able to sell your old machine, but what if there are no buyers for your gaming console, or it is of no use? In that case, you should consider gaming PCB’s recycling, a technique used to get money off useless gaming consoles.

Gaming consoles contain components that are made of different precious metals, which can be extracted. While some components are useable and can be sold on the market, PCB boards, once deemed useless, typically go in the trash and are considered of no use.

These boards contain precious metals such as gold, silver and copper, which can be extracted at AWA Refiners. Our gaming PCB boards recycling method is simple:

  • Get in touch with us by calling 01279-422-243 to finalize a pickup location. You can also directly mail the units to us.
  • Once we get the items, our staff members will inspect them at our in-house facility and prepare a report with all the required details.
  • The report is sent to you with a quote. Once we get your approval, we will send you a check for the agreed amount and begin the process.

The amount of gold and other precious metals a board contains depends largely on which gaming console it came from.

We accept all console cards from Xbox to Playstation. However, since you can get only a little amount of precious metals from each board, we only accept in bulk but buy all qualities.

AWA Refiners is among the most well-known recycling firms in the UK. Some of our main qualities include:

  • Fast Evaluation and Report
  • Quick Payments
  • Market Competitive Rates
  • Trained and Experienced Team
  • Eco Friendly Processes

Call AWA Refiners today to know more about gaming PCB boards recycling. Reach us on 01279-423-743 or email