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Scrap CPUs

You must have studied about CPUs back in school, but did you know that CPUs contain precious metals including gold? CPU, shortened for central processing unit, is basically a board that contains chips, pins and other small components, many of which are gold plated.

There are different types of CPUs. When it comes to CPU recycling, ceramic processors appear to be the most popular as they contain a higher amount of precious metals than other types of CPUs. Nonetheless, they all contain some amount of gold and other precious metals, and we at AWA Refiners accept all types and qualities of scrap CPUs.

It does not matter if you have old CPUs (Pentium I etc.) or new ones, they can all be refined. You should waste no time and get in touch with us to know more about our CPU recycling process.

Our procedure is straightforward and easy to understand:

  • Call us to know about central processing unit recycling. You can send us scrap CPUs or request a pickup if you are in the UK. Dependant on quantity.
  • Once we receive the CPUs, our team will inspect them for the presence of gold and other precious metals and quote per kilogram.
  • Once we get your approval, we’ll make payment and move ahead with the process.

CPU recycling should only be done on industrial level as it includes the use of complex tools and hazardous chemicals.

We complete the process at our in-house facility in a legal and professional manner. We are also among the highest paying recycling firms in the UK.

Some of our other qualities include:

  • Fast Evaluation of CPUs and Detailed Reports
  • Quick and Easy Payment Procedures
  • Market Competitive Rates
  • A Friendly and Experienced Staff
  • Eco Friendly Procedures

The CPUs do not need to be in working condition. We buy all qualities and quantities. If you have scrap CPUs lying around then give us a call on 01279-423-743, or email on michelle@awarefiners.com