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Scrap Connectors

Connectors are small components that are often gold plated as well. This plating is to make them resistant to corrosion as gold is non-corrosive and also a good conductor of electricity.

This gold is precious and can be extracted with the help of special techniques used at AWA Refiners. We offer professional connectors recycling services and accept connectors of all grades.

Our connectors recycling process is simple:

  • Send us your scrap connectors or request a pick-up if you are in the UK.
  • Once we received the connectors, they will be examined at our in-house facility for the presence of precious metals.
  • Our experts will prepare a report based on the findings, and send it to you.
  • You will send us your approval after you check the report and we’ll make the payment.

We follow all legal procedures and use environmental friendly methods to do the job. We understand how important it is to keep the environment safe, which is why we also carefully dispose of all trash and play our role in keeping the environment safe and green.

AWA Refiners is among the best companies offering connectors recycling in the UK. Some of our great features include:

  • Quick Evaluation
  • Seasoned Staff Members
  • Fast Payment
  • Environmental Friendly Procedures
  • Market Competitive Rates

If you are a manufacturer or a supplier, you might have bulk scrap connectors lying around. Do not throw them away or let them rest like that because we can pay you a good amount for your scrap connectors.

Call 01279-423-743 today or e-mail to know more about connectors recycling services. AWA Refiners is among the pioneers in the field and accepts scrap connectors in bulk. Call today or write to us to start a conversation.