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AWA Refiners – Computer & Circuit Board Recycling

We also recycle the following:

AWA Refiners will value and offer competitive rates for unused or scrap computer boards, in order to recycle or refine them for any precious metals they may contain. Our circuit board recycling service is a great way to dispose of unwanted circuit boards in a responsible manner.

Scrap gold can be found in many different computer boards and integrated circuits. Gold is an excellent conductor of electricity and highly resistant to corrosion, which makes it an attractive proposition for manufacturers to use in contact points within small computer chips.

How Printed Circuit Board Recycling Works

Using the latest technology, our technicians will strip the boards of any components that have metallic properties present in our controlled laboratory environment. Examples of computer board scrap, and their materials, include:

  • Integrated circuits that contain gold
  • Re-useable circuits that can be re-distributed
  • Gold-plated plugs or connectors that may be refined
  • Other substrates that contain precious metals that can be treated as a payable material
  • Edge connectors that can be chemically refined.

Computer Board Recycling

Reasons for Recycling Circuit Boards

The value of precious metals and gold in particular has risen considerably during recent years. This has led to an increase in printed circuit board recycling. It is important for businesses to be aware of the benefits of selling their scrap computer boards and equipment – particularly those that contain valuable metals. Many companies will simply dispose of unwanted computer systems and give it little thought. But they are missing out on a whole host of money-making possibilities as scrap computer boards can yield financial results.

Before you throw your old computers into the skip, think about the opportunities available to you in supplying AWA with scrap boards for refinement.

If you are a business or supplier who accumulates scrap computer boards and are ready to ‘cash in’ by recycling circuit boards, then AWA Refiners are the company to contact.