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AWA Refiners are purchasers of scrap computer boards, precious metals and high-value metals. We perform all chemical refining and melting processes at our works in Harlow, Essex.

Professional Service

Our team of professional refiners take great pleasure in the quick and efficient evaluation and payment for scrap computer boards. Many types of computer board, ranging from circuit boards to modem boards, contain an array of precious and valuable metals that we at AWA have the technical expertise and technological equipment to evaluate.

So if you are a business or supplier looking to dispense with obsolete and scrap computer boards, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss solutions to your needs.

Recycling scrap computer boards

Processing your Scrap Computer Boards

Our prices for your scrap computer boards are incredibly competitive which is why we have become a leading processor. We provide an efficient and cost-effective service. Our refining and melting is completed in-house and you can rest assured knowing that all of our processes are environmentally sound.

Environmentally Friendly

Any materials classified as hazardous must have the appropriate paperwork, which a member of the AWA team can arrange or advise on. We are fully registered with the Environment Agency for hazardous waste (registration number AAT109).

Full traceability is recorded on all materials collected, and any hazardous elements or waste is disposed of to meet current environmental legislation. At AWA Refiners we are extremely proud of our environmentally-sound stance.